Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hack Attempt Log?
Last Updated 8 years ago

The hack attempt log is a record of everything that might be an attack. The hack attempt log is likely to contain the odd false positive - depending on your specific plugins, themes, and other services.

Whether of not a request was blocked is dependant on the values you have set up in the "Block Threshold" field on the "Advanced" tab.

The request will be blocked if the “Total Impact" is larger than the "Block Threshold”. You can see the Total Impact by clicking "view details”. If the Total Impact is less than the Block Threshold, then the request will be allowed though.

You can configure WP Site Guardian to block any IP addresses that appear to try and exploit your site. However, it is better practice to monitor the hack attempt log for some time first. This way you can make sure you've added any exceptions that may be required for the plugins or services you use and avoid some legitimate users being blocked accidentally.

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