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What should I set my thresholds to?
Last Updated 8 years ago

There is no one answer that works on every site, we have set the default thresholds as a starting point (20). The thresholds you set should depend on the type of site you have and how tight you want to keep your security without compromising site use - for example ramping up your security and protecting your site but blocking your clients is unacceptable.

Whether of not a request was blocked is dependant on the values you have set up in the "Block Threshold" field on the "Advanced" tab.

The request will be blocked if the “Total Impact" is larger than the "Block Threshold”. You can see the Total Impact by clicking "view details”. If the Total Impact is less than the Block Threshold, then the request will be allowed though.

The best thing to do is look for patterns, not absolute numbers. You can do this by monitoring the logs for a couple of days.

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