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I'm getting a yellow "You're Not Using CloudFlare" Error
Last Updated 7 years ago

This error comes up only if you have not set up Cloudflare properly or your ISP has not yet processed your changes.

Steps to take:
1. Check to see if you are registered with Cloudflare here by entering in your domain:
If you are registered it will show up on the left.
2. If your status shows as not yet registered with Cloudflare, please go back and follow our instructions in the training video and PDF found in your IM Income Lab Hub > My Products > WP Easy SSL "Access Product" > menu on the right click "Training"
3.. If you are registered with Cloudflare but still getting the error, please wait until your ISP updates the cache on their end. Most ISPs are very quick and it's done in a few minutes, but some take around one day. The slowest cheaper ISPs such we have noticed are taking around 48-72 hours.

Be patient, if after 48 hours the error has not gone away submit a ticket.

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